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For The Love of Books

For The Love of Books

Over the years, as adults, we make excuses that we are too busy to do things for fun and leisure. Things we loved and claimed were our favorite activities. Last year I decided I was sick of the excuses when it came to reading! I have always claimed that reading my was most favorite past time but I wasn’t even reading a handful of books a year.

In 2018, I challenged myself by setting a goal to read a book a week. That’s right, 52 books in one year! Everyone thought I was crazy and wondered how I could possibly find the time as a single mother, doctor and business owner.

I had tried this challenge a few years ago after seeing it on Pinterest but fell short at about half as many books. After my previous failure, I thought I would have to make some pretty drastic changes in life to be successful, avoiding all family, friends and social events. But I performed a time audit and revealed that I just needed to prioritize my time differently and quit doing activities that didn’t help me reach my goals in life.

Some of the simple changes I made included:

  • Removing social media apps from my phone - making me be more intentional about going to my laptop and logging in, allowing me to stop the automatic cycle of doing this every spare second in my day

  • Limiting myself to only checking my social media in the morning as I drink my coffee

  • Limiting my Netflix usage - although I am not a big TV person, we all know how easy it is to be sucked into a binge!

I thought I would also prepare before the year started by making a huge list of books. This proved to be a waste of my time, it was much too strict of a method for me, I ended up using this in the beginning and only after that for ideas when I needed inspiration. That wasn’t often though, as I tend to be the person with so many ideas and interests running through my mind, shifting gears in a heartbeat. I would often take books back to the library unread because my interests had changed since I checked it out.

Some books took me longer to read than others and some much shorter than a week. When I would sometimes get too “busy” by life and get way behind, I would allow myself a reading marathon for a weekend. Doing nothing but curling up with coffee and surrounded by my books! (This is quite possibly a room in my personal heaven.)

I am thrilled to reignite my passion for reading and books! Pursuing our passions is one of life’s greatest purposes and I am thrilled to report I successfully surpassed my goal by completely reading 53 books and partially finishing 5 books! As a moment of true honesty here, I was only going to read the 52, but the little counter on my GoodReads was saying 51 because of a self published book I read and it was absolutely going to kill me that it didn’t say 52 (I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to things like this) so I last minute read the only book in my house I hadn’t read, a YA book my daughter had borrowed from the library. I am so glad I did because GoodReads gifted me with virtual confetti to celebrate my achievement!

Last weekend as I was reflecting on my year and setting my goals for 2019, I decided to do this again! I learned so much in 2018 from reading about various topics, I escaped to far away lands and had many adventures, and as an added bonus greatly reduced my stress levels, all while doing something I love!

Go see all the books I read in 2018 on my GoodReads.

Are you a bibliophile? What was the best book(s) you read this year? Leave a comment below, I always love good book recommendations!

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